Promoting street legal drag racing to car clubs in the Pacific Northwest


Race Rules

Some applicable NHRA Street Legal Rules:

 No alcohol consumption by participants.

 No Rainout makeup races.

 A CCCA number is required to compete.

 Staging lanes are closed when the first car crosses the line at the front of the staging lanes.

 If there is a bye in a round, the racer with the better reaction time in the previous round will

     receive the bye run (even if this results in teammates racing against each other).

 Races completed through the quarter-finals that are canceled by rain or curfew. Trophy

    positions for that race shall be decided on reaction time from quarter-finals. If racers involved both

have the same reaction time, then the CCCA officers on hand will make a determination.

 NHRA "Street Legal" cars or trucks only (no motorcycles).

 DOT approved tires are required (bare cords not permitted).

 Exhaust must route through mufflers.

 No Electronics (per NHRA definition) and no G-tech timing devices.

 Transmission brakes, two-steps and line-locks are okay.

 Only racers of CCCA member car clubs may receive trophies.

 Current NHRA and track safety rules apply at all times.

 Vehicles must be registered for street use in any state or province (no trip permits)

     Registration must match the vin# of the vehicle and tabs must be current.

 No cars faster than 10.00 sec. or 135 MPH.

 Any rules disputes are to be handled by the Race Director and representatives from at least

     3 member clubs.

 The Race Director may exclude racers in violation of CCCA, NHRA or Track safety rules.

 36" crank height applies (no Monster Trucks please).

 Cutouts are allowed if full exhaust is retained.

 Lane choice shall be determined by the largest team at each race. This shall be determined

     after the first Test-N-Tune run and decided by their team captain.

 If there is a tie for a trophy position at the last race of a given track, there shall be a run-off

    as determined by the CCCA Race Director. It must occur at that event. If the Race Director

    determines that a run-off is not possible, the final determination will be made using the Best

    Package from eliminations of that race. This process also applies to a 3-way tie, and so on.

If the issue is still unresolved, the CCCA officers available shall make a final determination.



  • Scoring System

    CCCA points shall be awarded as follows:
    Note: Points are based on how each track awards them

    • RA driveline loop required on vehicles 13.99 or faster. (Bremerton rule)


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